Friday, February 12, 2010

A Snow Buggy To Remember!

With all the exciting snow fall totals of late, I couldn’t resist digging out some old pictures.  There is nothing like inspiring your kids to think big! 

These are pictures of pictures, so bear with the quality.  :)

Out of all the things we made at Mom and Dad’s place in South Eastern Pennsylvania, this one had to be the best!

We started rolling snowballs, and in no time we were heaving and rocking them with all our might, trying to get them close to each other. 

snow car

Although I remember wanting to build a jeep, there wasn’t a way in the world we were going to lift any of those monster snow balls up on top of each other.  So we pushed them together, packed snow in the gaps, and started carving.

Our snow buggy had a front seat as well as a back seat.  It could actually seat 6 large people comfortably (well, assuming those people didn’t mind a cold butt.) 

snow car with crazy driver

This is my brother (6’4”), sister-in-law and nephew taking it for a spin.  My nephew is grown up now.  So I’m guessing that this was the winter of 91 or 92.  Anybody from home remember?

We used a basement window well cover for a windshield, a Frisbee for a steering wheel, and I honestly can’t remember what we used on the headlights. 

To make the lines stand out better, we added food coloring to water and applied it with spray bottles.  The effect was pretty awesome.

snow car with driverI don’t think we ever had so much traffic on our road.  Lots of people stopped to take pictures.

snow car and me

Here’s one of me and my buggy.  I loved that car.  :)  What a lot of fun!

To my own boys, I say, top that.  Hee-Hee!  (But you better start by praying for more snow!  Or spending a winter at Grand Mom's house!)

Edit:  I just noticed on my dash board that this is post # 501.  Seriously?  Holy cow!  I can’t imagine WHERE I came up with that many things to say, or why on earth anyone comes back to read it!  :)  Thanks friends, for making this such a fun adventure!


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Erin said...

Oh, I love those guys are so creative.

Alicia said...

That is probably the COOLEST thing I've seen made out of snow!!!!!! I would be so sad when it started to melt! Aren't you glad you took pictures? What a great memory, and you all were so creative. Did it make it in your local paper???

Raise Them Up said...

Thanks. It didn't make the news because there were SO MANY creative things around town.

It was simply the perfect snow, and everyone had a blast with it.

Kathy C. said...

Oh how fun! That is so neat...what a great memory. :)

The Real Me! said...

That, my friend, is fabulous! How neat!!! I bet you became the talk of the town!
Have a great weekend.

Genny said...

That is SO great! I loved this; so much fun!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

That is amazing! What an inspiration!

Mari said...

That is so neat! I love the picture of you and I'm impressed with how great the car turned out!

Keetha Broyles said...

Oh wow!!! That is DEFINITELY a cool cool COLD snow sculpture. I can't believe you MADE it!!!!

Love it.

I made a few, rickety, typical snowmen in my day - - - but NADA to compare with THIS!

LeAnn * ~ See Great Things said...

Wooo. That is amazing!!! Good job!!!

Alexandra said...

those pictures are awesome!!!!!!!!

Mamarazzi said...

sooooooo creative and impressive!

fraizerbaz said...

Wow! How did you guys come up with the idea to build a car out of snow? That's incredible! Maybe GMC could use your talents!

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Oh my goodness. That is the coolest thing! (And you and me... we had the same hair.) :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That totally rocks! WOW! I want to run out and make something that cool...... but really it is way too cold for me anymore!