Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some Things You Can Do With A Snow Day

We’re milking yesterday’s 6 inches of snow for everything we can get here in Indiana.  The wind and the snow showers are still creating icy roads, and as a result, we’re enjoying our second snow day in a row.  

I know it’s nothing like the snow they’re getting in the east which our (extended) family is enjoying.  But we’ll take what we can get.  :)

Here’s how our snow days shape up:Snow Ball In the Making

  1. Sleep in!! (the best part!!)
  2. Make Sweet Rolls for Breakfast.
  3. Have snow ball fights.
  4. Dry clothes in the dryer.
  5. Build snow forts and tunnels.
  6. Dry clothes in the dryer.
  7. Make soup and sandwiches for lunch.
  8. Ride bikes in the snow (How can a boy resist trying it?)
  9. Dry clothes in the dryer. 
  10. Pile Marshmallows in hot chocolate.
  11. Watch tons of movies.
  12. Play the Wii.
  13. Build elaborate forts out of blankets and pillows in every room of the house.
  14. Play laser tag in the snow. Winter Guards
  15. Dry clothes in the dryer.
  16. Take a leisurely walk through the woods, and end up having another snow war.sno
  17. Dry clothes in the dryer.
  18. Try to figure out the new face book set-up.
  19. Throw frozen pizza in the oven and call it dinner.
  20. Watch more movies.

Oh, and shovel ourselves out.  Of course.

You get the picture.  :) What do you do with a snow day??

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Stacie said...

Looks like a fun day in the snow.

Xmas Dolly said...

Well, howdy neighbor. I'm in Illinois. Boy, did we get the snow last night. A lot of schools are closed around here, but I think some of it was because of the earthquake last night. It woke us up, but the sun is shining and it's time to play!

Michelle said...

LOL! I can't imagine the amount of drying it takes to live in the snow. I don't think I could survive!

Just Breathe said...

Looks like it was a day full of fun!

angie said...

I'm thinking your dryer is going full force all day! :)

alita said...

HA! you get more cardio doing laundry than playing in the snow. Good work mama!

Fun post!

Mari said...

I love the picture and the list! It's probably about time to throw some clothes in the dryer again!

Kimberly said...


Well, we are some of those "back east" who are deep in FEET of snow. I think we have three feet at this point. Plus drifts. Plus snow-plowed piles.

And I have two little boys who can't get dressed for the outdoors on their own. And one of them can't walk well outside. And it has been blizzarding, so there was NO playing for the wee one today.

We spent the day shoveling.

And shoveling.

And trying to keep the 3 yo from watching too much tv.

Would be more fun, this Snowmageddon, if the kids were a wee bit older.

Anonymous said...

Most kids would be happy with a snow day because schools are cancelled. :) BUT... we homeschool thus, we continue our schooling duties. My son thinks it's "SO NOT FAIR, MOM!!"

I love the fort idea. We make those quite often here. :)

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Ha Ha about drying clothes in the dryer! :) It's constant isn't it. I was at one point even drying the neighbors wet snow pants! :)
Great list sounds so much like my house!