Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Days!!!

First off, I know that I blogged over the summer when the boys were home.  So why I’m having so much trouble finding time on snow days, I just don’t know.
But I am.
So here are a few pictures to let you know what we’ve been up to!
First, let me tell you, the snow from last week turned wet and sticky…perfect for making snow balls.  We rolled several, actually. 
But what do you do when you roll snow balls so big that you and your kids can’t stack them?
You climb on them, of course.  And play king of the hill.
Or ride them like a bull.  Watch it, kitty.
Ben riding a bull
Or, you make Snow heads.  :)
Then, yesterday’s little clipper (which was supposed to give us 2-4 inches) left us with a healthy 11 inches.  Hurray!  We finally got our big snow!!  And of course, school was cancelled today. 
It was extra nice because today’s my birthday and I got to sleep in.  :) 
A neighbor, the boys’ very favorite neighbor EV-er, invited us to go sledding.  He has hills and a wooded oasis which is simply beautiful.  And he gave my boys their first ever chance to ride snow boards.  Complete with lessons.  They had the time of their lives! 
And are now addicted.  No lie.  I’m barely thawed out as I type, and they are pestering to go back out.  So pictures of this morning will have to wait until tomorrow!
I’m thankful for nice neighbors, perfectly timed snow, and a chance to have a totally fun day with my crew!  Later, I’ll be thankful for Advil. 
My fifteen minutes of computer time are up.

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jen@odbt said...

I like the idea of snow heads. We have so much snow...maybe it would be more fun to look at if the piles turned into sculptures or snow heads.

Mari said...

I love that snow head!
Happy Birthday - what a treat to sleep in!

se7en said...

I just love those snow heads... totally cool ... hahaha!!! Have a good week!!!

Christina said...

Oh, I love the snow head! :D I'm jealous everybody is getting way more snow than we are, and we live in Montana where it's SUPPOSED to be snowy!