Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Weekend Without Computers

Friday evening, our computer server tossed us another blue screen of death. 

It has done it twice in recent history, and my husband finally gave up trying to “revive” it.   Instead, he built a new server out of the parts he has been collecting. 

Although he has more work to do, I can now access the internet and email.  The old one will be buried promptly just as soon as we can retrieve any living files from its memory.  I wouldn’t mind taking a few swings at the thing with something heavy before we lay it to rest! 

I certainly won’t miss the constant “file error” messages, it’s random reboots, or its inability to cooperate with my computer.  (Boy, are we dependent on the internet these days!)

The boys had off from school both Friday and Monday.  So our long weekend without computers had us sitting around taking in plenty of togetherness.  Which has its good points and bad.  Lol!

What did we do? 

  • We watched WAY more TV than normal.  My being sick didn’t help.  My head hurt too much to read, so I found myself laying on the couch in front of the TV.  And where there’s a TV, there will be kids.  And where there are kids, there will be toys.  And Bickering.  And blanket forts.  …Get the picture?
  • We had several deep family discussions.  The heartbreaking stories out of Haiti had us thinking about our own lives, our priorities, our blessings, and also those things that tend to pull our focus away from God.  They were great conversations.
  • We ate abnormally.  I didn’t feel up to cooking, so the guys consumed large amounts of cholesterol and fat, courtesy of our local fried chicken restaurant.  The chicken was supplemented with PB and J’s, cereal, and large bowls of ice cream.  I don’t think anyone minded.  Accept our bellies.
  • We looked at real books for research.  My oldest has a project to do and needed to find pictures of the Bismarck.  Since he couldn’t just Google it, he was forced to use the library.  Not a bad thing.  :)
  • We watched Mall Cop.  Twice.  And laughed harder the second time.  Apart from several unnecessary innuendos, the movie is really funny.
  • We watched Monsters, Inc.  We hadn’t seen it for a while and my own little monster needed some couch time with his mommy while his older brothers entertained friends in the play room.
  • The kids had a two hour delay this morning because of dense fog (no kidding).   So we got to sleep late--which was a perfect ending to a long weekend.  I like it when God eases us back into the routine.   

So how about you guys?  Did you do anything fun over the long weekend?

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Mari said...

I like how you spent your weekend. I got lots of things done around the house and read a book!