Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Less Shabby!

We purchased this double rocking chair love seat new thirteen years ago.  Today, the piping is popping out, and both seat areas are showing significant wear.  But with our boys still young, it probably isn’t a good time to replace it. 

Updating a few pillows, however, might reduce the shabby factor somewhat.  So that’s what I set out to do.Pillow makeover 1

Pillow makeover 3I was keeping my eyes open for a few reasonably priced pillows that would work.  That is, until I discovered a new product at one of my favorite stores last week. 

Dollar Tree has just started carrying covers for throw pillows in a variety of fabrics. 

Some of the fabrics made me wrinkle my nose.  Seriously.  But the navy blue covers had a nice feel. 

I liked that the color was neutral, and that each slip case had a nice hidden zipper closure. 

Also, the thought occurred to me (I don’t know why), that these covers would stay put no matter how hard the pillows got thrown.  I liked the idea of one less thing for me to have to put back to rights.  Not that my kids throw pillows. 

But my kids are boys, and we’re talking throw pillows here. 

Just saying.  

A mom thinks about these things.  

Pillow makeover 2

I love it when I can make improvements for just a few bucks! 

And sometimes a little less shabby is just fine.



Anonymous said...

You did a nice job on the pillows and they're a nice compliment to the sofa. Another trick I've used for disguising a piece of furniture I'm tired of is placing a throw in the middle to cover up part of the sofa. So with the addition of the throw in the middle and pillows on the sides the original piece just fades into the background. It's worked for me several times and I talk about it here if you're interested. Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mari said...

They look nice and since you got them from Dollar Tree, they were even a good deal!

Meghan said...

Great addition. I wish I had a Dollar Tree near me. I love that store.