Friday, January 15, 2010

Missionaries In Haiti: Their Blog and How We Can Pray

I don’t know about you.  But this week has been hard.  As our family has watched the news, all kinds of feelings wash over me in waves.

Shock at the devastation.

Horror at the injuries.

Guilt over how fortunate and blessed we are.

Deep, deep sadness for the moms’ who’ve lost children, the children who’ve lost parents, and the many, many people feeling alone, bereaved, and hopeless.

Jesus and Dark Chocolate shared a link (thank you so much!) and I decided I needed to share it with those of you feeling helpless like me.  

The Livesay [Haiti] Weblog is a blog written by a missionary family in Haiti.  It is personal.  It is moving.  And it gives us specific things to pray for.

I don’t feel quite so helpless now. 

Read it.  Pray specifically.  We can make a difference. 

This artwork arrived in my email quite a while ago with the title, What Really Happened On the Hudson River.

Invisible Hands

Isn’t that a powerful picture of God’s love?  It reminds me that God’s hands are not idle in Haiti.

Dear Lord,

Gather the people of Haiti in your arms.  Give them help and hope.  Give them comfort during the nights.  And strength for the days.


Sustain and protect the rescuers.  Give wisdom to the organizers.


Bind evil.


Walk with this missionary family and others who are reaching out because of You.  Let them be your hands and voice.


May many hurting people see the outpouring of your love, and as a result, may they embrace you.  Both in Haiti, and around the world.


the voice of melody said...

This artwork says it all! And yes, more than ever we must pray to our Heavenly Father and lift up all of those men, women and little ones in Haiti who are living in such devastating conditions. It's hard to watch it on tv and not cry.

Mari said...

Our church works with the Livesays and have had over 100 people work with them on short term missions trips. We are supposed to be sending a group down in two weeks, but that probably won't happen as the places they stay are gone. They are incredible people!

Honey Mommy said...

Love that drawing. I believe that God has his hands in everything... we just can't see it most of the time.