Thursday, January 14, 2010

Check Wal-mart’s Holiday Clearance For These Surprisingly Good Wal-Mart Clearance Treats!

While looking over the holiday clearance isles in Wal-mart last Thursday, a woman came by and picked up three of the tall tins of Chocolate Graham Cracker Crunch Mix , and three of the Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites.  Clearance Tins of Goodies“Have you tried these before?” I asked her.

For the next 3 minutes, she gave me THE run down on all the tins.  Which tins had good stuff in them.  Which tins you should probably skip.  And why, of course.

Before she was finished, another lady came scooting by and picked up several of the tins to put in her cart.

“Aren’t these good?”  She asked the first lady, back-tracking and picking up another set.

“Yeah!  Surprisingly!”

That was all I needed!  I parked my cart in front of the display and snatched up a couple of each!

Clearance Tins of Goodies

The verdict?  They were really really good!

If they still have any left, you need to try them!  If you decide to throw a party, these make perfect finger treats!

The original price was outrageous (I think over $4).  But they are on clearance for about $1.25 per tin.  Plus, you can re-use the tins later!  I think they would probably keep for a while, because the treats come in sealed plastic bags inside the tins.

The Chocolate Graham Crunch Mix is a mixture of yummy white and milk chocolate pieces with Golden Grahams and tiny white marshmallows (Think Lucky Charms marshmallows).  The mix is delicious!

The Mint Chocolate Cookie Bites taste just like little round versions of Mint Chocolate Girl Scout Cookies.  Yum!! 

They still had quite a big supply when I went back on Sunday.   Since my boys like both, I’ve been sending  some of each in their lunches. 

Thankfully, I have a cavity that is keeping my sweets cravings in check.  Or else I’d be snacking all day!  I almost don’t want to get my tooth filled on Monday!  Lol! 

The empty tins find new treasures in a hurry!  It’s a good thing we have lots of them!  Lol! useful tinsThe possibilities for them are endless!

Let me know if your Wal-mart still has them!


Mari said...

What a deal, and I love those tins! I would buy them just for the tins!

Keli said...

THanks for visiting my blog!
Those did look good but I wasn't sure so I didn't pick any up. Now I wish I would've!