Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Protecting Tender Vegetation From the Freeze

Hosta Protection

Yesterday afternoon, I spent some time covering tender new vegetation from the predicted freezing temperatures. Many of my Hostas had just started to unfold, so I gently covered the new leaves with a layer of mulch. See the little mounds?

My tree blanketMy little Japanese Red Maple was harder to cover. Now, don’t laugh! I tied the tree up with string first as best I could. Then, I wrapped the bottom half with two moving boxes, securing them with stakes and string. On top, I put a beach umbrella followed by two sheets, more string, a little duck tape, and lots of clothespins.

I thought for sure the wind would dismantle my handiwork, but the little tree kept his “coat” on all night!

We have one more night of freezing temperatures to make it through, and then I can take the wrap off and see how it came through.

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Keetha said...

Oh, but I DID laugh!!! That sheet-box contraption is just too funny. But hey, if it works that all the matters.

I HEARD "we" got snow in Indiana, but since I'm down here in FL for the week I missed out on that!!!

Oh, but it was only 65 or so today even here in south Florida!!