Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Landing Place Away From Home

My son just fell asleep leaving me with this small window of quiet.  I thought it would be a good time to share with you something that has made me both excited and apprehensive all at the same time.

This is a view as you walk in our front door.  That’s my son, asleep on the chair by the fire.  See his little head?  :)  But that’s not what I wanted to show you.  The place in our home I want to show you is just beneath the clock--on the counter, and the floor space by the wall.Landing Place

That’s my husband’s landing place.  Each evening, he walks in, lays his hat on the basket, his glasses and pocket whatnots on the counter, and his brief case and laptop on the floor by the wall.

Next week, that spot will not be his landing place, and the boys and I will be on our own.  Yikes!

Here’s The Deal

My husband recently put in for a new job at his company which will require some travel.  Long story, short, he leaves for Germany Tuesday afternoon (a week from now, actually) and will get home sometime the following Saturday.

I’m excited for this new experience for him.  But, I’m also apprehensive, as I said.  It’s one thing to have your spouse travel out of state and check in here and there by cell.

But having him travel out of the country seems like a bigger deal to me, especially with my closest family 12 hours away.  Do any of you travel out of the country or have spouses that do?

We haven’t had much time to process the changes or adjust to his new responsibilities.  He hasn’t even been told officially he has the job.  Yet the company is expediting his passport and booking flights.

It reminds me very much of our moving to Indiana story.  The decision was made to hire him, and they swept us up in whirlwind relocation process that left us hanging on for the ride.

We felt God’s hand all throughout that move, and I trust Him now.  But still, I kind of like to look changes over before the waves hit.  I’m a planner, and a preparer.

This is forcing me to step out of the boat, so to speak, and trust Him on many levels.

It’s funny.  I just read the story of Jesus walking on the water with my son and how He told Peter to come.  I’m relating to Peter.  The waves can be so distracting.

As far as we know, his new position only involves a handful of trips throughout the year.  For the most part, the changes will mean less “on call” time and a more predictable schedule. 

So there are practical “positives” mixed in with the travel.  We’re just going to take it one day at a time. 

But here’s where you might be able to help us. 

I’m thinking the first thing we need to do is acquaint ourselves with international travel guidelines.  The last time I was out of the country was 18 years ago, and my husband has never had the opportunity. 

So if any of you have some helpful tips, we’re all ears.  :)  Seriously!  We need to hop on the learning train pretty quickly.  If you can think of some things that a new traveler should know, please share!

We’d also covet your prayers as we feel our way through the next couple weeks and months.  I used to consider myself pretty independent until I got married.  It’s funny how that changes.

Talk About Tuesday


Keetha said...

With the internet the way it is now, you should be able to stay in touch more easily and at least THAT is a blessing.

Here's hoping you get to travel abroad WITH HIM soon. How fun would THAT be????

Gwen said...

I just ran across your blog today through a link from The Happy Housewife. As I was reading through some of your posts, I came across this one about your husband traveling out of the country. I am a mother of 4 children (ages 8,6,5 & 4) and a wife of a traveling husband. My husband travels all over the US and also travels to Israel 5 or 6 times a year. One thing we have that has been wonderful during his traveling is a skype account. I can see when he is online, we can chat to each other and we can also hook up cameras to our computers and the kids can talk to him. I love it!