Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just A Few More Hours Till We’re All Back Together!

Talking To Daddy

If you missed the goings on around here, my husband is overseas on business.  It has been a LONG week without him.  Thankfully, I haven’t burnt down the house, or had any major mishaps. Yeaaaaah! 

I did have to enlist the help of a neighbor once, though. 

This morning, my boys discovered a possum that had met his demise on the road in front of our driveway.  Yuck!

I almost had the hole dug out back to give him a proper “funeral” when my oldest discovered that it was a she And she had a pocket full of babies that had wiggled out to nurse.

Now, I have no love for possums, and would have been fine burying this one.  They are ugly and mean.  Only I couldn’t deal with the pink little babies wiggling at her side.  So off we trudged to the neighbor’s to beg for help.  Thankfully, he was nice enough to come out and take care of things.

I miss my husband.  Have I said that? 

We did talk several times this week.  His coworker graciously allowed him to call from his own cell phone.  And then yesterday, we finally got MSN Instant Messenger set up.  (He had it on his old laptop.  But a recent crash necessitated him getting a new laptop—minus many of his old programs.)

It was great to hear his voice!

What the picture above doesn’t show is how my little monkey paced excitedly in circles as he chatted with his Daddy.  Tonight as the little guy was getting in bed, he said to me, “Mom, can we get Daddy back?  I want him here.” 

Me too!

My husband leaves Germany in just a few short hours, and will be flying into Chicago sometime tomorrow morning.  Then, he’ll catch an afternoon flight back to Indianapolis .  We can’t wait to see him!

Maybe I should have served up Possum Stew for his Welcome Home dinner!

Kidding! (Of course.)  Yuck!

Anyways, thank you all for your thoughts, hugs, and prayers! 


It Feels Like Chaos said...

I love the "can we get Daddy back?" question, too precious!!! Hope you are all enjoyed some time together now!

Melanie said...

Oh, it is hard when our husbands are gone. Mine has traveled off and on thru our marriage and I am always so anxious to see him when he gets home! Enjoy your reunion and having him back.

Thanks for visiting me last week!

Penny said...

Thank God for wonderful neighbors!! Ugh - I just can't imagine . . .