Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday:
Wax Paper...A Handyman's Tool?

I was going to take a break this week from Shannon's WFMW (only because I'm still recovering from vacation disorganization). But after my discovery, yesterday, I changed my mind.

I asked for this nifty Wooden Desktop Organizer for Christmas which my husband gave me, along with a handy set of wooden drawers he ordered, as well.

Anyway, I decided to "install" them yesterday and they did a wonderful job handling the clutter! But the drawers were a little rough and didn't glide smoothly.

Mom had a similar problem with a large old chest of drawers last week and my husband suggested she rub wax paper on the contact points. Mom and I were skeptical and as it turns out, we didn't have the time to test his idea.

But it came to mind yesterday, and I headed for the kitchen.

Not being an expert on wax paper (or much of anything in the kitchen), I examined it closely to see which side was waxed. After scratching both sides with a fingernail, examining it in various lights, and rumpling it in various ways, I hadn't the foggiest idea. So I chose to be safe and rub both sides along each of the drawers' contact points, all the while hoping I wasn't on Candid Camera.

But it worked! The wax paper trick really worked! The drawers FLY in and out now with only the slightest touch. Sorry I doubted you, honey. You rock! It's no wonder you're an engineer! And although I'm sure all of you out there knew this, wax paper has wax on both sides (knowledge courtesy of said engineer).

I love my space, now, and even marked my territory with two bottles of nail polish, tucked neatly into a cubbyhole. When my husband saw them, he asked why they were there. Feeling rather protective of my new desk space, I said, "I just wanted it to be clear to all the males in the household that this is a GIRL's space.

Back off...or risk girl germs...or worse.

It will work on my nine and eleven year old, anyway...

This, by the way, is the before picture, in case you were wondering.


Laurie said...

I never thought of wax paper -- I have a candle stub in the junk drawer that I use for sticky drawers.

Laurie in PA

Raise Them Up said...

That's a great idea--and easier than wax paper! I don't know why the idea of waxing something to make it slide better didn't ring a bell. Now that I think about it, I waxed everything from sleds to ice skates growing up. I even waxed the puck! And we used lumps of paraffin from Mom's canning jars! Ahh, but that was a lifetime ago. lol!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

I could really use this tip! Thanks so much! :)

Blue Castle said...

Never would've thought of that! Thanks for sharing. :)