Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turning Mountains Into Mole-hills

Of laundry, that is! My husband was able to get our washer back up and running and I have been slowly shrinking the mountain of dirty clothes. Things are taking longer to dry, though. I'm not sure if the washer is still not spinning right, or if the dryer is now having issues. The jury is still out, but I'm running things through anyhow.

My youngest and I just spent an invigorating time (actually, it was bone-numbingly cold) outside scraping the driveway. Since we have been getting so much ice lately, I wanted to expose some blacktop to the sun to help melt as much as possible. It's now melting nicely and I'm snacking on some chili to warm me up. Try explaining the wisdom of that to a four-year-old.

The boys will fuss at me for destroying their skating rink, but I'm rather fond of staying on my feet when I go out the door.

It's nice to be home and finding a routine again.

Oh, and speaking of routines, for three days, my little guy has been watching Herbie. But this afternoon, it's all about Lightning McQueen. CaChing!

I'll just stick to my happy little washing machine...

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Christina said...

Sounds lovely. In a nice every-day-lovely kind of way.