Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday
To Slip In a Card or Book

Bookmarks, personalized with pictures of the kids or family make wonderful gifts in themselves, tucked in a card. But they also add a personal touch to any books you give as gifts.

We use scrapbooking paper so they won't fade, and then I pick out some fun pictures from the year to print out. I try to pick out pictures that will have significance for the person receiving the bookmark. For the grandparents, photos of the boys and us are perfect. For friends, I pick pictures of our families playing together, or photos of places we like to go together.

Scrapbooking tools come in handy, but you don't need them. Plain scissors and glue will do just fine. Stickers, if you have them, are a fun touch.

When I have the bookmarks together, I take them to the library to get them laminated. Then, I punch a hole in the top, and make some tassels to loop through, and they're done! For the tassels, embroidery thread makes them look classy (and I like classy), but you can use yarn, ribbon, or even choose to leave them as is.

Each year, the boys make some for themselves, too. They love having a personalized bookmark to take to school, and if it encourages them to put their nose in a book, I'm all for it.

Last year, my oldest made one with pictures of the family and his favorite place to visit, the Dayton Air Museum. It turned out really cool. He drew pictures of his favorite planes on the back side.

One year, I made one for my husband that had pictures of the boys on the front, and a favorite verse on the back. He still keeps it in his Bible. I've made a few (O.K., a lot of them) for myself, too, of course! But when you are talking about something that combines the joy of reading with pictures of my kids, I simply can't stop!

This year, my four year old got in on the fun and made a Thomas and Friends one using family pictures and Thomas stickers. Once I get them laminated, I'll slip his into the Thomas the Tank activity book I got him for Christmas. He'll love it! He is always looking at the ones I keep in my Bible during church.

If you need a good book idea to tuck them into, Grace For The Moment Morning and Evening Edition, by Max Lucado, or The Purpose of Christmas, by Rick Warren, would make beautiful choices! Seriously, Grace for The Moment is a twice daily devotional that I absolutely love. If my certain engineer hasn't yet gotten the hint, I would really, REALLY, love to have a copy of this for my very own...

Now, go check out the rest of the fun at Works For Me Wednesday, or visit the Kimba's Holiday Open House at A Soft Place To Land! Between the two, there are enough ideas to keep you clicking all the way through Christmas vacation!!!

Merry Christmas!


Ryann said...

Thanks for stopping by my post last week about My Side of the Mountain. I searched the local second hand book stores, but couldn't find it. I found a brand new copy at Barnes & Noble for 6.99, paperback. Best wishes on finding it for your little ones.

Carol said...

Fun idea! Printing a verse and adding names is a great way to personalize. Good stocking stuffer for any reader on the gift list.

me said...

As the recipient of one of these bookmarks, I can attest that they are GREAT gifts. My oldest and I "fight" over who gets to use them. . . I didn't know that you could take things to the library to get laminated. Brilliant!!

Lynn said...

Great idea. I really like it. Thanks.

Kimba said...

Wonderful idea! I know that the grandparents would love these!

Merry Christmas,

BarbaraLee said...

DD2 did this for me one time of her. It is cute. But that does sound like a great gift idea. I usually use prayer cards.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I have come to visit via Kimba's blog. Your bookmarks are lovely.
I hope you'll visit soon. I am having a giveaway on Friday.

Luanne said...

Love it! I just might try these. I'm not very crafty, but I just might be able to pull these off. Thanks!

Janet said...

This is an awesome idea. I'll definitely have to give it a try. Thank you!