Friday, December 12, 2008

Morning and Evening Edition
of Grace For the Moment
by Max Lucado

This must be the day for book reviews, because there is another one I have to tell you about.

While waiting for a prescription to be filled (at Kroger, no less), I stumbled upon this book. Whoever thought to put book displays next to the prescription waiting area knew what they were doing.

The book is called Grace For The Moment, Morning and Evening Edition.

The picture from does NOT do it justice and my own does little better. It is hardback, bound and beautifully stitched in two soft and earthy shades of (imitation) leather. It literally cries out to be held and cradled. No lie. The print on the front is pressed or engraved, or whatever you call it when someone puts a design on leather-like material.

The prescription was ready long before I was finished perusing it and I was forced to buy a copy--for a friend, of course. At least that's how I justified it. But I was smitten. It was only $14 something, ( sells it for $12.99), but it was worth far more than that in my estimation.

Here's why. Besides the gorgeous binding, the book is written in typical Max Lucado style which is captivating, to the point, and full of encouragement, wisdom and hope. It is, in essence, a twice-a-day devotional. Each set of open pages has a verse and short devotional--one for the morning on the left, and one for the evening on the right. Included, is a space at the bottom of each page to jot down thoughts God lays on your heart.

I find squeezing in my devotionals a constant battle. But this, this is perfect.

I'll keep my original intent, and give it to a friend, because I think she will enjoy it. But I'm also dropping hints as thick as feathers in a hen house that I'd like one, too! Seriously.

So if a certain engineer reads this, take note. This would make a really cool gift for your wife.


me said...

That sounds like one I'll have to pick up!

Christina said...

; ) I love your not-so-subtle hints...sounds like me.

Kimba @ A Soft Place to Land said...

Just beautiful. I wouldn't have been able to resist this one either.

To answer your question about my wreath...the feathers came from the floral section at Joann (my craft/fabric store).