Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Keeping Close To The Window

Yesterday, we awoke to our first taste of snow.

What could possibly match my son's sense of wonder and adventure as he pulled on his snow suit and hurried out to play? Certainly nothing I can think of!

I take that back. For me, a warm cup of coffee with pumpkin pie creamer will do just fine. . . sipped from this side of the window. . .looking out. . . waving (and taking pictures). . . and enjoying his sense of wonder. The peace and quiet doesn't hurt any either!

It's not too often that I take the time to watch. Usually, I flitter around trying to get a few things done. I throw an occasional glance out the window to make sure he's still in the yard--and not plowing the road!

But it struck me this time, that he's growing so fast. He won't be little and playing in the snow in my yard forever. I felt the draw to keep close to the window and tuck the treasure of his wonder in my heart. I need to do that more often. . .

Oh, the wonder of sentimental wanderings. . .maybe I'll just write love notes in the dust that is covering my furniture. . .or maybe I should get to work and stop procrastinating!


Christina said...

Oh, no fair, we live in Montana, and it's only raining today! ; )

I love your idea of writing love notes in the dust. I'm very bad at getting my dusting done, so now I'll have an excuse to leave it there. ; )

And sometimes we have to enjoy our children and forget the houswork. After all, in 20 years, we will rememeber times with them a whole lot better than which weeks we got our dusting done.

Cheryl said...

SNOW? What is that, I haven't seen it in 7 long years! I, as well as my sons miss it terribly. My husband on the other hand much prefers the sand.

How cute your son looks. They do grow up too quickly. I am so thankful, as I am sure you are too, to have been there to see it all.