Tuesday, December 2, 2008

106 Reasons To Go Get My Work Done

O.K. ladies.

Since last Tuesday, when I last read from my Google Reader list, there have been 106 posts added. You have been very, VERY busy! It took my painfully slow connection a shower and a whole basket of folded laundry to upload. I can't wait to dive in and see what I've been missing. I also can't wait to check in on all the blogs I secretly stalk. Yes, I'm a shameless stalker. But I find that an overloaded Google Reader can freeze up my computer faster than a boy can push a button in a store.

So this is the deal I'm going to make with myself. I'm going to spend the next two hours working like crazy to get all of my chores done. Then, during nap time, I'm going to make an extra large mug of coffee and settle down for some seriously fun catching up! If you haven't posted anything for a while--and you know who you are--hurry up and get it done!!

I'm expecting great things.

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