Sunday, November 30, 2008

Would Anyone Notice If I Didn't Decorate?

I'm not usually a bah humbug type of person when it comes to Christmas. But this year, I'm feeling a little weary before I even have all the boxes down from the attic. I'm weary, because, what mom can decorate without thinking about what it will take to UNdecorate in January? I made that word up, Blogger Spell Check, so stop nagging me about it.

This is last year's tree, by the way. I'm trying to psych myself up. I don't suppose I could hang a picture of it on the wall and call it quits, could I?

I think it is just that I know this Christmas will be different. We're planning a road trip that will have us gone for a bunch of time, including Christmas. When we get back, I'm not going to feel like taking down the normal amount of decorations.

As I mulled my sheer laziness this afternoon, the boys pestered to set up our tree. (The picture wouldn't do, dol gone it.) So we hefted the coffin sized box down and blew off the dust. Our tree is not the stand it up and fluff kind. It is has TONS of branches that must be organized, re-bent, and set in place.

Last year, I decided our 12 foot tree didn't need to be 12 feet tall and improvised the directions to create a tree that was 9 feet. Thinking I could continue the trend, I tried to convince the boys that a 6 foot tree would be spectacular. Nothing doing. They wouldn't have any parts of it.

So, 9 feet of tree it had to be. They did it all themselves, using our spinning bar stool as a ladder. Unbelievably, there were no crashes or broken bones. Just lots of laughter. The branches look a little frumpy and odd in places, but then, so do I, so who can knock it?

While the boys and I were at church for musical practice tonight, my husband--my really wonderful and I think he still loves me--husband, and our youngest son, hung the lights on it. I think it looks grand, just the way it is. Do you think I could call it quits now?

Nah. I don't think so either. But I'm trying to think of an easy and quick way to dress it up without digging into our many boxes of balls and ornaments.

Help me out, girls. What simple tree decorating ideas do you have for me? I'm all EARS.


Christina said...

Um, buy new balls and stuff? Somehow I don't think that will cut it either. Hmmmm...cookies with holes and loops of ribbon? Sounds more complicated than the attic trip, but it would be less clean up in January!

Christina said...

Oh, or you could make paper snowflakes and hang them up.

Raise Them Up said...

Hey! Snowflakes are a great idea! I'll have to run it past the boys.

Christina said...

I use snowflakes on my tree every year. ; )

Nancy said...

Bows!!!! You can buy them already made or make some yourself with ribbon....they're easy to put on and easy to take off...especially since you won't have to deal with annoying dried up needles!! Trust me on this one!!