Sunday, November 30, 2008

After Thanksgiving Grocery Sales

Just by chance I happened into Kroger after church today and made out like a bandit. They have many things marked down--especially in the bread department.

We came out with a ton of things to restock my bread freezer. Those huge buns in the middle were just $.50! We got several packs and my boys made ham sandwiches out of some. The odd shape of the buns make them look like sandwiches with with funny hats on top. But they are Delicious!

Much of their specialty and "healthy" breads were marked way down, too. We even got some of their 6 ct. boxes of personal apple pies for $.75 each! Too bad they are not healthy!

Plus, some of their donuts are marked down, and they freeze well. My boys are in Heaven!

I realize these kinds of deals will probably vary by region and store, but I'm guessing that most grocery stores will have overstock of some things to mark down. You might want to make a trip to your local store and see what you can snag!
I'd love to hear about any deals you find!

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shopannies said...

I got the same suprise on monday when I went shopping I was delighted to see that I saved so much on bread I brought it home and froze some