Friday, November 28, 2008

Who Is Knocking At The Door?

I heard it more than a few times over the last two weeks. Knocking, that is. Each time, I jumped up and went to the door only to find there was no one there. Well, the cats were there, but I'm reasonably sure they haven't taken to knocking. They will trip you in a heart beat, claw up your leg, and leave all sorts of unspeakable gifts. But knock? No.

I heard knocking in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the sun room, by my computer and even in the garage. Sometimes, I heard knocking in the morning, and sometimes the afternoon. But always, when I looked, no one was anywhere. One time, I had my husband go around back because I heard knocking on the bedroom window (at least I thought). He (of course) never heard it and saw nothing. Figures.

The knocking began to weigh heavy on my very last nerve. I had passed spooked out, and was sitting firmly in the middle of the all right buster, I've had it stage.

Then, early Tuesday morning, I had my chance. He knocked, and I was ready. I raced as quietly as a woman of my size and age can race (no smart comments, please) out the other door and around the house.


I caught him red handed! Or should I say, red headed?

There, on the wall of my cedar sided house, clung a big ol' woodpecker pecking for all he was worth.

Mystery solved. Sigh.

But now that I know WHO is knocking, won't someone please tell me how to get him to STOP?! He is driving me right up a wall. Seriously. And my walls are not big enough for the two of us.


me said...

Try sprinkling some hot sauce on his fav. knocking spots. It worked when I had a racoon knock on my door in the middle of the night back in those single days . . .

Susan said...

Wow - I'm glad you figured that out! I have not heard a woodpecker since my childhood, I don't think. Would it be bad of me to say I'm a little (just a little!) bit envious??