Monday, November 10, 2008

Seven Favorite Things About My Kitchen

God has a sense of humor. I've been procrastinating cleaning my kitchen for forever. So, thank you Christina, for tagging me.

I need to say right up front that cooking is something I do only because no one else will do it for me. Gone, alas, are the blissful days of dating when my husband would cook up all sorts of delightful dishes to feed this starving Christian school teacher. Sigh.

That confessed, I think I can still do this. After all, you can like your kitchen, even if you aren't a great cook, right?

Alrighty, then.

1. One thing I like about my kitchen is the big window over the table. I love to watch the birds come and go from our feeders. In the mornings, we eat breakfast with the Chickadees, Gold Finches, Nut Hatches, and sometimes even Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. 2. Another thing I like is our breakfast bar. On slower days, when we aren't in a hustle after school, the boys and I gather round the counter. I can help them with their homework while I make dinner. Yeah for multitasking!

3. Our pan rack is very functional. It is great to be able to keep my pans close at hand without having them take up precious cabinet space. It did, however, take some time to learn how to work at the counter without knocking one of them down and scaring the bajeekers out of me. Oh, yes, and I'm giving you fair warning not to blow up this picture. My pans are not pretty!

4. Let's see. I like the pretty wine and grapes theme that came with the house. It reminds me of Olive Garden, and I love Olive Garden!!

5. The lights are nifty. My husband installed these over the counter and it is nice and bright now!

6. I like the sand colored tile floor because it doesn't show the dirt. Notice, I'm not posting a picture of that for you to look too closely at!

7. And finally, I love my Hoosier cabinet, or Dutch Kitchen. It belonged to my Dad's Dad's Mom. We refinished it in 1991 when I got my first (efficiency) apartment, and it became my kitchen for several years.

It was actually made in Napanee, Indiana, so how in the world it got to PA in the first place is a story I would love to hear! It's kind of neat to think that when we moved to Indiana, we were bringing the cabinet home!

Now it's my turn to tag some of you. I know everyone is busy, but I'm hoping at least a few of you will join in.


Christina said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! No wonder you love it.

I LOVE you pan rack...someday maybe I'll have one. My pans aren't pretty either. I'm afraid that the combination of stainless steel pots, a gas stove, and a rather hurried pot-scrubber makes for some ugly pots... But, hey, they work the same, right? ; )

Raise Them Up said...

That's kind of how I feel, but when they're hanging out there for all to see, I get kind of self-conscious. Thanks so much for your kind words!

Sonshine said...

After a very busy week, I have posted about my kitchen! :) Thanks for the tag! :)

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