Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday
Bath Time Tip

I love that newborn stage where you can give the tiny one a bath in the bathroom sink. I hate to see it end--for more than the sentimental reasons.

Leaning awkwardly over the bathtub trying to hang on to a slippery squirming growing infant while getting at least the important parts washed is a back breaker! And then there's the lifting them out. Ugh! I did it for two boys, and then when the third grew too big for the sink, I rebelled.

I found myself an under the bed storage container about his size and tipped the corner into the sink to fill it up with a few inches of water. Then, I swiveled it around and put it right across the sink on the vanity.

Oh, my goodness! What a back saver! It worked beautifully. I only wish I had thought of it when my other two were little!

I was lucky enough to have the changing table right nearby so I could lift him out, turn around and lay him directly in the towel on the table where I had stripped him down.

To keep him from sliding all around, I picked up some no-skid self adhesive bath strips at Walmart and stuck them in the bottom.

As he grew, we simply got bigger storage bins. I believe we did bath-time on the vanity till he was almost a year! Once he was able to climb in and out of the tub with a little assistance, we put the "tub" in his tub and continued to use it to save on hot water. He's now four!

His room (which has it's own bathroom) doubles as the guest room. So, when we have visitors, we take his little tub into our bathroom for bath time. That saves me from scouring our tub for the occasion. (I HATE to scrub tubs!! Oh, please don't look behind my shower curtain. . . ) We even take it on vacation. I pack his clothes in it and that way we have a clean tub no matter where we stay, what the facilities are, or how rustic the environment--like when we go camping!!

This bath time tip is one I wish someone would have given me for my first child, and I'm hoping it saves at least one mommy's back out there in blog land.

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Blessed said...

That is a great tip - our little one has always had her baths in the tub, but I'll have to remember this for #2!

Blessed said...

Oh - my WFMW post is over at:

Tammy W said...

Smarty-pants! And it saves water too!

Blue Castle said...

I hate leaning over the bathtub too! It's such a pain. :) When my kids were still little - about 4and 2, I bought one of those huge, round tubs with the rope handles, put it on top of their little wooden table that we kept in the kitchen. This I filled with water from the kitchen sink sprayer. In they went and it was perfect for bath time. No sore back. My husband even thought it was great. Then my kids got too big. Still trying to figure out a better way to do baths. :)

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

When my daughter got too big for the kitchen sink, we just started soaping her up in the shower. I think she probably would have enjoyed this more.

A happy heart at home said...

What a great idea!