Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Stick Bug

I realize this is a rather poor picture of a stick bug, but let me tell you the story.

Coming in from hanging up a load of laundry this afternoon, this big guy was on the door step just under the door. Thinking he would make a great addition to my Backyard Bugs posts, I ran for my camera.
When I came back out, I realized that he was on a brown step, and wouldn't show up very well. Knowing my boys have picked them up before, and feeling fairly brave, I decided to let him crawl onto my hand where he would be more visible.

So, with the camera held poised in my right hand, I reached down with my left and gingerly picked him up. I had read before that they move very slowly and that this is how they stay camouflaged. WRONG!! This thing RACED up my arm and was at my cheek before I could even put the camera down! I about fell off the step trying to get him off me!

So, this is all the creative angst this guy is going to get from me--hanging upside down on a stick a respectable distance away.

Please feel welcome to send in your pictures of stick bugs. I'd be happy to have someone show me up.

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