Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Link Tag

Tons of fun. I used this in camp settings often and the kids loved it after they got the hang of it. I'm planning to use it for the kids at Church on Sunday night.

Equipment needed: None.

To Play: The entire group splits into pairs in wide open space. Each pair links/hooks arms. One pair is chosen to become the chaser and the "chase-ee." Student #1 chases Student #2. Student #1 weaves around the pairs and can hook onto any one person in another pair. The person on the other side of that pair (Student #3) then has to unhook arms and run. He is now the one being chased by Student #2. If #2 tags #3, #3 becomes "it" and #2 runs and tries to link up. The game continues until you choose to stop!

At any point, you can yell "Switch!" and the taggER becomes the taggEE. This gives slower kids or kids who have been running for a while a chance to link up and catch their breath! Hook-On Tag is a great time-filler and it releases a lot of energy!

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