Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Inner Tube Dodge Ball

Equipment Needed: 1-3 inner tubes

To Play:
Mark out two parallel lines about 20 feet apart. Everyone gets in the middle between the two lines. Two people, one on each of the lines, begin rolling the inner tube(s) back and forth to one another, through the middle area. As each person is hit by an inner tube, they simply join either line and help roll the tube(s)! The faster the tubes are rolled, the more fun! You can start out with one tube, and add to the number as the number of people on the lines increase. It makes it harder to dodge for those inside the lines! Last one (two, or three, etc.) still in the middle is the winner!

Frugal Tip: Check your local tire dealer for used inner tubes and tell them what you plan to do with them. We stopped by the one in town and they were happy to fix up three for us at no cost. Just scrub them well, and if the stem sticks out too much, take some duck tape and wrap around it to hold it flat.

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