Monday, September 8, 2008

Save at ALDI's

We usually try to hit ALDI's once a month for a lot of basic things. We get our cereal, baking supplies, canned goods, snack items, paper goods, frozen vegetables, and even some produce there. We generally come out with a heaped cart (or two) full of food and usually keep it close to a hundred dollars. When I look at it in terms of how many meals we're buying, it comes out to a month's worth of breakfasts, most of the boys' lunches, and many, many dinners--not to mention all the extras we pick up. You can visit their site here:

In our many years of shopping at ALDI's both here and in Pa, there have only been a few items we've bought there that we haven't liked, and off hand, I can't even think of any. These are a few of the items we bought this week and their prices just to give you an idea.

  • Honey Crunch Oats (like honey bunches of oats) 16 oz. 1.89
  • Shredded Wheat 19 oz. 1.89
  • Instant Oatmeal 10 ct. 1.49
  • Frozen vegetables 16 oz. .89
  • String Cheese Spirals 12 oz. 2.99
  • Buttermilk Biscuits 10 ct. .33
  • Crescent Rolls 8 ct. 1.49
  • Liquid hand soap refill 40 oz. 1.69
  • Solid white tuna 6 oz. .97
  • Steak Sauce 10 oz. .99
  • Chocolate Chips 1 lb 1.15
  • Cheese Crackers (like Cheese-its) 1.29
  • Fruit Snack pouches 12 ct. 1.79
  • Napkins 250 ct. 1.49
  • Pudding cups 4 ct. .88
  • Brownie Mix (family size) 1.19
  • Salsa 24 oz. 1.49
  • Spag. Sauce. 26 oz. .99
  • Premium Laundry Detergent 64 loads 6.49

To see if you have an ALDI store nearby, you can go here:

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