Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Quick Dinner Plan: Pepperoni Bread and Leftover Sausage, Meatballs and Marinara Sauce
(And Salad, Of Course!)

Today is such a beautiful day. I want to get outside and do some yard work while I soak up some sunshine. There are still tons of sticks to pick up since Ike blew through, so we'll get the tractor and wagon out to make it a little easier (and more fun). My little guy likes to steer . . .

That said, I want dinner to be quick and easy. We have some spaghetti sauce, Italian Sausage and meatballs left over from last night's dinner and I thought I'd bake some pepperoni bread after lunch to go with it. (You can see my recipe for Pepperoni Bread here:

All I'll have to do when the boys get home is the salad! Besides being a no fuss dinner, it will earn me kudos from the boys since they love pepperoni bread. . . and we all know how hard kudos are to come by!

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