Thursday, September 18, 2008

Encouragement for "Fluffy Hair Hold-Outs"

With busy schedules, and the constant list of extra things the kids need, spending time and money on hair (my hair, that is) is usually something I push off. But this morning was "New Doo Day". If you've ever waited till you couldn't stand it anymore, you know how much I was looking forward to this day.

Ever since I discovered the joy of perms 30 years ago, I've been hooked. Even when trends changed, and it was no longer considered "in" to have "fluffy" hair, I clung to my style. The few times I tried something different, it just never felt right. I like "fluffy". I don't like fighting with my stubbornly clingy hair. So, long ago, I decided that having an easy doo which I like is more important than conforming to the latest trend.

But it seems I may be able to have my cake and eat it too! This morning, my hair dresser informed me that curls, yes big curls, are coming back in a hurry! Woohoo! It makes me laugh, just thinking about it. I guess it just goes to show if you hang on to the same styles long enough, sooner or later you'll find yourself in style again.

So, there's encouragement for all of us "Fluffy Hair Hold-Outs!"

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