Thursday, September 18, 2008

Double Duty For Family Newsletters . . .A Journal, With Pictures!

With the ease of sending things by email, and the increasing numbers of families being spread out across the country, it is no wonder that Family Newsletters have become so popular.

When we moved here five years ago from the East Coast, I began learning the art of constructing family newsletters with lots of pictures in order to help keep us connected with friends and family. But it was just recently, that I found another great use for these old letters.

My husband had some unused frames in a box which I came across while reorganizing. Really, they were plaques used to display things like licences and awards. That's when I got the idea. Wouldn't it be cool to put some of our old family newsletters in these and hang them somewhere as reminders of our family's history?!

We happen to have a long hallway (30 feet, no lie) so this is a great place to do something like this. But anyplace would work.

I went back to my files and printed out newsletters of special importance, and put them in the frames. Then I hung them in order down our hallway. The ones that speak of family milestones, or answered prayers are especially fun to pause over. It is just fun to walk down the hall and be constantly reminded of all God has seen us through. It's fun for friends and family too, when they come to visit. We'll find them standing in the hallway, reading down the line. Who doesn't love a good story?

I happen to believe it does our faith well to chronicle God's work in our lives! It's kind of like a journal, with pictures!

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