Monday, September 15, 2008

Brandon Heath "Give Me Your Eyes"

I am a self confessed task oriented mom who often has too many "pots" on the "stove". There are so many things to do, and just not enough time to do them all. We've all been there. We rush here and there, and the pace never lets up.

But what if we were given the chance to see with God's eyes? Would we still rush past a world of hurting people? How would that change our priorities, our lives, or theirs? I want to see the people around me with God's eyes, and with His compassion. I want to be more aware of the opportunities along my way to make a difference, and to share his love.

Brandon Heath has a music video entitled "Give me Your Eyes" If you have a slow connection and can do some other things while it loads, it will be worth your time. His message is very relevant to today's world. My boys enjoy his music, but I feel like this song's message is for me.

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