Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Looking For a Gift for Your Soccer Fan?

At least once every night, you will hear the squeak of my husband’s desk chair as he leans back, and yells, “HEY!  This house is not a GYMNASIUM!” 

Sometimes I hear it several times.  Such is life with boys. 

Because my boys can’t walk anywhere with out dribbling a ball as they go.

That said, I wouldn’t normally encourage them to risk their lives by actually setting up goals in the hallway, lol!  However, this set of nets, the Rukket’s Grasshopper 2x3 Nets, cries out to be used inside.  CRIES OUT, I tell you.  Especially when it’s muddy, cold and wet outside and the boys are driving me up a wall.

The nets are actually the perfect size for accuracy drills and 1v1 with small balls. 

1v1 3We’ve been using them for several weeks now--mostly inside.  (Before my husband get’s home from work, of course!)  ;) Surprisingly, there is actually less thumping in the hall because my guys like to use a small ball instead of a full-size soccer ball.  It’s true! 

So, fellow soccer Moms, this might actually be a gift you won’t regret giving, lol! 

Here are some pros and cons of the net set for you to consider:


  • Comes with TWO nets, each 2ftx3ft, as well as a carry bag and stakes.
  • Can be used inside or outside.
  • Easy to set up—just pop them up and stabilize with the side triangles.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Sturdy spring steel frames—NOT fiberglass.
  • Reasonably priced!  Just $39.00 for the set right now.
  • Holes in the net are tiny enough that you can use small balls—like little NERF or tennis balls—something that is really good for improving foot skills.  Or for using inside.


  • The nets are hard to fold back up.  It’s not impossible.  However, it takes quite a bit of arm power to fold the sides in on themselves.  My 10 year old hasn’t been able to do it yet.

These Rukket Goals are perfect for beginning soccer players.  But, honestly, they would be a great gift for any soccer fan no matter what age or skill level.  

Hallway funOf all the nets my family has used, this is their favorite.

Be sure to check out Rukket’s complete line of soccer goals.   They make some pretty awesome and well designed nets! 

Please note:  Rukket was kind enough to send us a set of nets to review.  But as always, the opinions expressed here are totally our own.


Christine said...

One thing our house does not have is a hallway. Not one! There is no way I could bring that net into our house, no matter how much I or the boys want to. Windows would surely get broken.

Raise Them Up said...

Christine, I hear ya! Lol! One good thing about a little ball (from a mom's standpoint) is that it is really hard to get "lift" on it! :)