Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Big “Hit”

We ended up getting my son a smart phone for his sixteenth birthday.  He really, really likes it, and is anxious for the case we ordered to come so he can carry it.

We also got him a set of these…water balloon launcherYep.  Water balloon launchers.

Based on the brainstorming we overheard about what they could hit and what “else” to launch, I’m pretty sure they may have been a mistake.  They might even win me tenure on the bad parent list!  Lol!

In case you would  like to join me on that list (ha) we got them from Aldi’s.  I think they were something like $6.99 each in the Special Buys isle.  It goes without saying that these things were a BIG hit.

The launchers are actually well made, and they shoot balloons ridiculously far.  My guys had balloons sailing well over our highest trees and into the distance. 

I think it’s important to note that, if you get some of these, the people holding the ends of the launcher need to KEEP HOLDING the bungee handles even after the balloon is launched. 

My middle son got a face full of bungee when one of his brothers left go of the handle upon release of the balloon.  I wish I had thought to caution them before they started.  What seems obvious to a mom may not be obvious to a teenager!  

So, adult supervision, and no small children are also good rules to go by.

And a side note…fill the balloon all the way up.  Or else the large pouch closes around it and doesn’t release it.

We spent the evening picking up rocks on new fields my husband is excavating for our soccer club.  It’s not exactly how we would have chosen to wrap up his sixteenth birthday.  But we still had fun. 

I appreciated my son volunteering to come along.  His help made the tedious-hot-and-dusty work a whole lot more enjoyable.  He’s a keeper. :)

His sixteenth birthday was definitely one he’ll remember.  And it was sweet for me, if not for him!   


in the coop said...

We've known about those launchers for decades. We have one, and my kids have only used water balloons. We make sure my brothers never know that we have one. My brothers did some crazy things with them, all in good fun, but one prank landed my brother in jail for a couple of hours when he was 17.

Mari said...

I think that balloon launcher looks like fun!

Christina said...

How delightful! I think the balloon launchers probably land in you AWESOME Parent Plaza, not Bad Parent Place. :) So is he driving? (Gulp. I can't even imagine!)