Monday, September 30, 2013

Too Cool For His Britches

While we were at my parents’ place in June, my nephew brought his new little scooter over to show us.  cool riderThen he took this picture of my little guy who couldn’t resist climbing on it.  Lol!  He looks the part, doesn’t he?  Cracks me up!

All joking aside, my nephew wrecked the scooter just last week and broke his foot/ankle in three places.  He’s in pretty serious pain, and he will likely need surgery.  But I am so thankful it wasn’t worse and that it didn’t involve a head injury.  These things scare me!  About the only time I ever want to see one of my boys on a motor bike of any kind is when it’s parked, just like this.  :)

Here’s to hoping that he doesn’t really mean it when he says he’s getting another one when his foot is better.


Congratulations to Kim @ Homesteader's Heart!  You are the winner of Grace Unplugged and Own It! 


Christine said...

That photo is fantastic.
I agree, my kids will never be on a motorized vehicle if I have any say. I once crashed when we lived in Bermuda (all we were allowed to own is a scooter which went 30 mph). While I didn't break anything, I was laid up with road rash for a week. Horrible pain, and I still have a bunch of big scars to prove it. I don't want to imagine what the injuries would be if the driver was going faster or hit another vehicle.

Mari said...

He looks awfully cute on that bike, but I'm with you about him riding it. I've taken care of too many guys after they've crashed it. Hope your nephew heals quick!