Thursday, July 18, 2013

Green Salsa Anyone?

It would seem my mystery is solved!  Thanks so much, Penny for putting a name with my plant!  The exotic looking vine with little Chinese lanterns is actually a Tomatillo plant! 


Inside each paper husk will grow a sweet little tomato-like fruit that I’m told is very sweet!  Although the fruit looks like a tomato, it is solid and crisp like apple.  And unlike a tomato, the tomatillo has very little juice when you slice it.

Right now, the husks on my plant are closed and they feel empty.  According to several You-Tube videos I watched, I’ll know they are ready to pick when the husk begins to split at the bottom--revealing the little green fruit.  Isn’t it amazing what you can learn on the internet?  Lol!

According to my research, the tomatillo originated in Mexico and is a staple in their diet.  It likes hot dry weather and produces fruit all summer long right into the fall. 

Apparently, tomatillos are used to make wonderful green salsa!  Which I confirmed when I ran to my fridge.

I’m embarrassed to say, I never paid much attention to the picture on the front of the label of my jar of green salsa.  I guess I just assumed that it was made with green tomatoes and that tomatillo was the Spanish name for tomato!  I’m feeling pretty silly that I had the answer all along in my fridge!!


So there you have it!

From the looks of how well my tomatillo plants are doing, I’ll be making some green salsa this summer!

It’s funny.  I only just bought this jar two weeks ago because it was on sale thinking I’d give it a try.  It has a very different flavor.  Do you like green salsa?  Have you ever made it?  If you know of a good recipe, by chance, I’d love to try it!


in the coop said...

How funny that you had a photo of them in your fridge and didn't know it!? While I have heard of a tomatillo, I've never had green salsa.

Mari said...

I love that you have that salsa in your fridge. Glad the mystery is solved too.