Tuesday, April 9, 2013

His Time Has Come!

Oh my goodness!  How could I not share this?  My little guy got his very first (travel) soccer uniform and couldn’t wait to see how it fit!


And I’d say it fits perfectly!  Yay!!!

edited uniform back

It’s so funny!  The manager brought the stack of uniforms over to the parents while the kids were still practicing.  Then he asked who wanted what number. 

Sheesh!  Talk about pressure!!!  Lol!  You KNOW there is pretty much NO chance I’ll pick the right one.

My first choice, number 7, was already taken.  (Shoot.  My middle man wears 7.  It would have been helpful to have the little guy wear a number I was already used to looking for.) 

Numbers 6, 4, 3, and 1 were the next four uniforms on the pile.  I pursed my lips and pushed my jaw from side to side.   Other parents were waiting for me to pick.  Staring at me.  So I blurted out a number I thought I could remember the easiest.  ONE.  Because he is my number ONE 8-year-old.  Lol! 

I rolled up the uniform and put it in the back of the car, wondering how bad of a choice I had made.

When I showed my son the number he got, he smacked himself in the head and said, “ARRRRRRH!” 

Apparently, since our last name is at the top of his alphabetical class list, his number at school for everything he does is…yep, ONE. 

“That’s so cool!” I said.  “It’s perfect for you, then!”

“MOM, I hate being number one all the time!”


I gave his older brothers the help-me-out-here-eye, and they quickly jumped into the conversation. “Yeah, Buddy. ONE is a very cool number!”  Under his breath, my middle man mumbled, “not as cool as just about every other number.  But hey.  It’s a number.”

Thanks.  Thanks a lot, bud.

I did what all good soccer moms must do from time to time.  Shake it off, hold my chin up, and take more pictures.  :) 

* * *

It’s a beautiful day today.  Sunny and 78.  Time to get working in the garden!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


Mari said...

He looks great in that uniform, and I think 1 is perfect for him. :)

in the coop said...

Congrats to the 8 year old. After all those years of being drug to his brothers' games, he has arrived!! And your world gets even busier. :)
Funny that your kids are just given numbers. Our club has the kids pick theirs, then we get the uniforms.

Christina said...

Oh, my goodness! How CUTE is he?!?! And getting so BIG! :)

Raise Them Up said...

It's a new manager (God bless his heart!) and brand new team and I think things are just lucky to be getting done! Lol! My older kids got to pick theirs...years ago. :)This season should be tons of fun to watch!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Tell him he looks pretty cool in his uniform. And it's better to be #1 than #2 LOL! Oh forgive me, I had to do it.

Raise Them Up said...

Kim, you are SO bad. And no help at all, lol! Does make me wonder who ended up with number 2, though! Thanks for shedding a whole new light on his number.