Thursday, February 21, 2013

Catching You Up

Where to begin.  Why is it so hard to write after you’ve been away from the keyboard for a few weeks?  Do you ever have that trouble?

I think I’ll start with a few family-life snippets…

My middle son picked out classes for his freshman year a few weeks ago.  He picked Spanish as his language.  Since then, he has changed his mind.  It should be interesting to see how much I remember about all my (2) years of French. Oh boy.  Parlez-vous Francais??   :)


I met my oldest in the guidance office after school yesterday to pick out his sophomore classes.  That was harder.  He doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life.  So we chose a wide variety of electives to give him a broad experience.  It seems like just yesterday I was in his shoes. 


Thank goodness my youngest doesn’t have to pick anything out!  Well, except clean clothes every time he sits on the floor with Greta.  She is shedding something AWEFUL!  He gets mad when I make him change ten minutes before we leave for the bus.  He sees absolutely nothing wrong with looking as hairy as she does.

Greta by the doorGreta, by the way, keeps me company throughout the day.  Her favorite spot is lying in the sun by the front door.  She doesn’t have the run of the house.  But we’ve given her several places she can hang out.  Still, I find dog-hair-rolly-pollies EVERYWHERE!!  It’s a good thing we love her.  Especially since she ate her 5th landscaping light yesterday.


Soccer training continues for all three boys.   My oldest broke the keeper’s hand with one of his shots last week.  He felt bad.  So did I.  I’m learning that soccer truly can be dangerous.


Veggie Tales is coming out with a new release. I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a chance to preview it and host a giveaway.  I’m excited about that!  Look for it in the next week or so.


Dad has his first Chemo treatment today.  He is there as I type. 

This past week has been hard.  He is feeling more poorly each day and having a hard time finding things he can swallow.  Pray he doesn’t feel too much worse from the chemo, and that God blankets him with His peace.  Mom too.  I call them once a day to stay connected.

Yesterday, I shipped a care package off to them.  I started out with some clothes I got mom on sale.  Then I added several pounds of hard candy, since that’s something Dad enjoys.  Since there was still room in my “if it fits, it ships” box, I added a loaf of zucchini bread as well as raison bread.  (They may not be able to carry it in from the mailbox! :))

I also included some photos.  Mom and Dad aren’t connected to the web and don’t have messaging.  So I try to send them hard copies here and there.  This is one of the pictures I sent.Boys on porch 1

Each of the boys included a letter.  I’m hoping the package brightens their day.


That’s about it.  I’m looking forward to a little snow tonight.  I just hope it waits till after soccer training!

I miss you, friends!  Eventually, I look forward to getting back into a regular blogging pattern.  But for now, I feel like my plate is full.  Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and understanding.  You guys are such a blessing!


Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

No lie, I was just thinking about you and how I haven't "heard" from you lately.
I'm glad you gave us a catch up post. And I'll be praying for your Daddy.

Mari said...

I've been wondering about your Dad and will keep him in my prayers. I'm sure they'll love that package!
Choosing classes is so hard. My kids had a hard time with deciding what they wanted to do too. It's a big decision and there is so much pressure on them.
I'm doing the veggietales review too. Love them!

in the coop said...

Our oldest just picked out his freshman classes this morning. It's really happening. He's really going to go to high school. I'm a mixed bag of emotions about it.
Our soccer training has already been canceled for tonight because of the weather blowing in. Yeah!
I have been thinking about your family and doing some serious praying. Especially each weekend as I drive through your town to get to our daughter's soccer games at IU. That care package will warm their hearts. It can only help them both feel a little bit better.
I'll keep praying.