Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

It’s Monday morning.  The kids are back at school.  The house is quiet.  And I’m having my second cup of coffee.  Want to join me as I sort through some Christmas vacation pictures? 

This was our annual family picture by the tree.  A friend saw the picture on face book and made the comment, “Short trees are for old people.  What’s up with that...I see the stand!"  family 1My defense?  There is something to be said for a tree you can:

a. Carry one-handed,

b. Decorate before the attention spans of the kids expire, and

c. Light with the one strand of lights that still works. :)

I like to think I've gotten smarter in my old age, lol!

Looking back over the last two weeks, I have to say, our Christmas was really nice.  We did not travel east.  So I missed seeing our families who live in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware.  But we had extra time to relax, which was a gift since we were passing around the flu.  

On Christmas morning, I found this snuggled up under my tree. IMAG1472 I know you are jealous!  :)  He was a patient little angel while we got the quiche into the oven, and then read the Christmas story.

As it turned out, it was a LEGO and Soccer kind of Christmas, with each person finding something to be excited about.  For the little guy, mostly LEGO, for my older two, it was soccer jerseys, cleats and video games.  IMAG1490

I’m so glad that the boys have each other to hang out with.  And that they all have interests in common.  None are too old for a good LEGO battle, nor too young for a history channel original. Though I wouldn’t mind if there were less of the second!  Lol! 


Greta kept making her way into pit pictures.  She is the most easygoing dog we have ever had.  And we are loving having her in our family.

This was part of the LEGO Winter Village Post Office set—which had topped my little guy’s wish list for months.  This house even lights up!  They didn’t have things like this when I played with LEGO!IMAG1493I’m so thankful to have snagged it in a lot on EBay for an awesome deal before the prices skyrocketed.  What would I do without EBay?  (I mean, BESIDES clean my house? Lol!)

Let’s see, what else…?  Oh, yes.  The BIG FLUFFY dog that my little guy got.  It was SO soft and cuddly that he hid it in his room so no one else would walk off with it.  :)IMAG1479

I have lots more pictures to sort through.  But I should probably get a shower and at least attempt to tackle some cleaning.  Maybe you can join me tomorrow to sort through some more!  I have pictures of the blizzard, the zoo, our soccer games, and even some of our snow sculptures.  Till tomorrow!

Happy Monday!


Mari said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas. I like the family picture and a short tree looks better all the time - but then I'm getting older all the time too!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful Christmas. My son got the tin can robot last year for Christmas. It was a little more involved then we thought it was going to be so I don't think it got put together until 8 months later. LOL!
Have a MAHvolous day my friend.

in the coop said...

I love it when you sort through your photos! We have a short tree this year, too. It looks pretty funny in the room with 12-ft ceiling, but it's a tree.
Looks like the boys were very happy with their gifts.
Glad you are all feeling better.