Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

LEGO Manger

So, what do you do when you get an unexpected snow day on the very last day before Christmas Vacation?  I mean, besides roll over and go back to sleep!

I decided to give the boys a LEGO challenge!  Inspired by a friend’s new profile picture of a LEGO Mary, Joseph and Jesus, I told them to see if you can make a whole manger scene. :)  To motivate them, I told them do a nice job and I’ll let you open a present early. 

So how do you think they did?! 

My favorite part is the polar bear eyeing the horse in the background.  Lol!

We are all ready for Christmas.  We have the presents wrapped and under the tree.  We have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground.  And we don’t have any special plans.  Just to hang out, watch a few Christmas specials, and eat cookies.  We aren’t traveling this year.

My family gave me a wonderful gift on Wednesday.  They sent me out with my girlfriends for dinner and a movie while they cleaned my ENTIRE house.   I have to say, that was absolutely the most thoughtful and incredible gift I have ever received.  It definitely spoke my love language!  I love my guys!!!

Monday night, we’ll go to our church’s Christmas Eve service.  Then we’ll come home and open stockings.  If it goes anything like other years, we’ll watch a movie of my husband’s choosing.  (One year, he watched the entire Star Wars saga.  I hope we aren’t up THAT late again!  Lol!)

On Christmas morning, we’ll read the Christmas story, eat our Christmas quiche, and open gifts.  If I’m lucky, we’ll take a nap in the afternoon.  :)

What does your family do that is special to you?

I hope and pray that the memories you make this Christmas will be good ones.  And that somewhere along the way, you’ll encounter Jesus in a new and special way.  Thanks for stopping by my humble little piece of blog land to share a few laughs with my family.  :)

I appreciate each and every one of you!


Mari said...

I love the gift your family gave you. That's the best!
Merry Christmas to you and your family. You are a real blessing to me!

Keetha Broyles said...

I LOVE it and can't believe it wasn't a manger lego set!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

They totally met your challenge. That's great. LOL!
And Wowsers on the getting your house cleaned. Though I would have been happy just being the other person you went to a movie with. *wink*
We have a busy next few days planned but all fun stuff so I'm not going to complain.
Have a Merry Christmas my friend!

in the coop said...

Great idea and great execution of the manger scene! The Bible never said that a polar bear WASN'T there. :)
We will, as always, be in Ohio for Christmas. Hopefully the roads clear up in Ohio before we leave.
I wish our school was cancelled. We had a 2 hour delay with an already scheduled early dismissal. I basically took the kids to school so they could attend a Christmas party.
Have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

Christina said...

Love it! They did such a nice job. : ) We're having a quiet sort of holiday too. Barring the arrival of Baby, we'll go to a Christmas Eve service, open stockings and gifts in the morning, then head over to my parents' for brunch. She's kindly offered to do all of the cooking this year considering my 39-weeks-pregnant status. I definitely am feeling a loooooot of empathy with Mary this year. : )

Christina said...

Also, I am honored to count you among my "blog friends" and hope your Christmas is both merry and peaceful. <3

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

What a creative idea to have the boys make the nativity with legos!! Such a fun idea on a snow day. Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing Christmas! :) Enjoy it!!
Merry Christmas!