Friday, November 9, 2012

The End Of Our Fall Soccer

Last weekend, my middle son played in his last tournament of the season.  His team put on their best performance to date, shutting out several of the opponents and ending up on top of their group.  Kudos to them and their coach! 


The spectators deserved a prize, equally as much.  Here are a few thoughts on that.

  1. Sleet is no fun to sit in. None.  Nada.  Nil.  Zero.
  2. We were INCREDIBLY GLAD we had a wind-resistant water-repelling sleeping bag to huddle under…along with our hats, gloves, scarves and winter coats.
  3. Watching my son get up and offer a freezing family his umbrella, then join me under mine…well, it just made me proud of him.  :)
  4. The colder it is, the longer the game.  I kid you not.
  5. Mud is very slippery.  Only the grace of God kept me from sitting in it.
  6. Which reminds me…eating lollipops with bubblegum in the middle is a fun way to pass the time between games only until you find a sticky stick stuck to the seat of your pants.
  7. Hungry teenagers can blow through an entire week’s budget in no time when you have to eat on the fly.
  8. Inconspicuous speed bumps cause serious airtime and instant fame.   I’m now signing autographs. 

All in all it was fun.  But I’m so glad soccer is over for the moment.  This weekend will be such a treat.  There are ZERO soccer events on the calendar and the forecast is for warm sunny skies!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!!


in the coop said...

Congrats to Middle Son! Makes playing in that miserable weather (almost?) worth it.
We joined you in the cold, windy, sleet. No trophies for us, though. Your list perfectly describes our weekend. Except the speed bump. I can picture it, and it's hilarious.
We have one last weekend of soccer. At least it will be nice out.

Mari said...

Congrats to your son - nice trophy!
Glad it's done for you though. It's so busy and the weather sure doesn't help!