Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Restocking Our Woodshed

Over the weekend, we cut down a couple dead trees like this one.  Thankfully, they fell where we wanted them and no one got hurt. 

IMAG0308Not that we aren’t hurting now, lol!  Rolling those enormous logs onto the loader was back-breaking work! 

IMAG0322The boys were such a big help, though!  When did they get to be so big and strong?!    Watching them manhandle these logs was kind of a mixed bag for me.  IMAG0306I’m thankful for the young men they becoming.  And yet, I hate saying goodbye to their little boy years.  Do you know what I mean? 

Sigh.  Here’s to hoping my youngest son grows (very) slowly, lol!


The picture above is straight out of my cell phone, by the way. Look at how blue the sky was!  You just couldn’t ask for nicer weather to be outside.  It was shorts and t-shirt warm!

By Sunday evening, we had amassed a pile of wood that we hope will last us all winter. 


That’s my Hubby back by the pond.  :) 

Now we can focus on splitting it—a job in itself!  I’m guessing that one or two of these logs will heat our home for a whole day.  :) 

Considering we heat our home with wood, it’s a wonderful feeling to be that much closer to filling the woodshed. 

Especially since yesterday looked like this…


Talk about weather shock! 

Are you ready for the winter months?? 


Keetha Broyles said...

I am BEYOND ready for winter. We didn't really HAVE winter last year, and I'm winter deprived.

We had some snow yesterday too, but nothing that stayed on the ground, even though it's only 23 degrees as I type this comment.

in the coop said...

I was not ready for the snow on Monday, especially since we wore short sleeves to church Sunday night. You all got a lot of work done! I would love to heat our house with wood, or at least supplement it. Another day, another project...

Mari said...

My hubby did some of the same on Saturday, when it was beautiful here. He did get hit by a big branch that fell off and hit his knee, but otherwise it went well. I enjoyed your pictures!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

It looks like you are going to be ready for those cold Winter months. Here it's been in the low 80's LOL!
I'm not going to complain.