Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soccer Balls In Bulk

As many of you know, we are a soccer family.  Most weeks have 7 or more practices.  And most weekends have 2-4 games.  I don’t know how some of you stay sane with more than two kids at a time on teams! 


My middle man lives for soccer.  When he wakes up, he immediately checks the weather to determine how much soccer he will be able to get in after school.  If there isn’t a practice or a game, he practices at the kicking wall out back.  He is passionate and relentless on the pitch.  I love to watch him play!

We are nearing the end of his travel season, with only two more regular games and a tournament to go.  But he is already looking forward to indoor soccer.



The player in white above is my oldest.  A freshman and swing player on the Junior Varsity High School team, he finished his season last night.  Although the season proved to be the most demanding soccer experience yet for him, he worked hard and took his personal game to a new level.  I love watching him play!  He, too, is looking forward to indoor games.


My youngest loves the game as well.  How could he not?  Lol!  Although I haven’t found a way to juggle three schedules during a regular season, I’m hoping to be able to let him do indoor soccer at the same place his brothers will play.    Until then, he practices with his brothers out back.

If they aren’t available, there’s always Greta!  She plays some of the best possession style soccer I’ve ever seen!

DSC_0091When she’s in the game, it gives everyone a workout!  There’s only one problem. 

She’s a little hard on balls.


I think I need to start buying soccer balls in bulk.  :)

If you had to describe your family, how would you finish this sentence…

“We are a ____________________ family.”


Christina said...

Oh, my. I think I'll buy stock in soccer balls. :-) We are a music family so far.

in the coop said...

You know we're all about soccer. Will you be coming to our tournament in a couple of weeks?

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Love your soccer playing dog! And yes you definitely need to find a way to buy them in bulk!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

You are a busy Momma that's for sure. And I'd fill the blank in with "weird" and about 10 other words. LOL!
Um, I came looking for that brownie recipe. Where is it? Ha! Ha!