Saturday, September 1, 2012

The American Bible Challenge: A Fun New Game Show PLUS Another Opportunity To Support Family Values!

Thursday, August 23, at 8pm, the Game Show Network premiered The American Bible Challenge, hosted by Jeff Foxworthy.  In this show, teams compete based on their knowledge of the Bible in order to raise money for a charity of their choice.  It’s a great idea!


If you missed the premier and would like to know more, you can learn more about the teams and their charities here, and you can check out a preview here.  

I’m not surprised that the GSN experienced it’s highest viewership in its 17-year history.  1.2 million viewers tuned in to watch!  I believe that’s because parents like us are looking for better choices to watch with their families.

In a world where Christians are marginalized, the Bible is banned, and God Himself is repeatedly denied, this show highlighting all three is refreshing. 

Yet, in reading some of the hate-filled comments on the network’s news release, there are those who disagree.   Out of their obvious ignorance and perhaps even fear, they are doing their best to convince others that God’s Word is obsolete and irrelevant.  Some of the comments were outrageous and offensive.   

Yet, I can’t blame them entirely.  When was the last time I boldly shared the compelling reasons I believe with someone who has no knowledge of the Bible? 

What if everyone who showed up to eat chicken sandwiches that day shared their faith with just one other person?  What a difference God could make in their lives!  And in turn, in the direction of our country!

It will be interesting to see how this show does in the coming weeks.  Will those who oppose it’s premise succeed in squelching the producers’ freedom to create and air it? 

Or will the sheer numbers of viewers who watch it inspire others to create more family friendly programming? 

The Chick Filet controversy proved that many Christians are looking for a way to support family values.

Here is another opportunity, friends.  Check out the show.  And consider liking it on face book and spreading the word to your family and friends. 

If you watched it, I would love to know what you thought!

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Mari said...

I didn't see it but I want too. I better look for it and set it to record!