Friday, September 7, 2012

Mom’s Sweet Relish

My mom has been making this sweet relish for over 40 years.  Everyone who has tasted it raves that is the best relish they have ever tasted.  In fact, my own family has been begging relish off my mom ever since they tried it years ago! 

My dad eventually wrote down the recipe for me and this year I finally worked up the courage to try a batch on my own! 

My son says it tastes even better than Grandmom’s!  Lol! 

I highly doubt that!  But I’m glad it turned out! 


I actually made three batches, which translated into more relish than we could possibly use in a year.  But I plan to share several jars with neighbors and friends.


It’s so much easier than I thought it would be.  Here’s the recipe, directly from the hand of my dad.  :) 



Did you notice?  It took me 11 years to get around to making it after he wrote out the recipe for me!  I wish I had tried it sooner!  I’ll be making this again next year, I’m sure!  :)

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Mari said...

I think that the handwritten recipe and signature are priceless! The relish sounds yummy. :)