Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Did I Really Beg My Husband For a Puppy?????

We interrupt this stretch of silence to bring you a real post!  A quick one, lol!  But a real post, nonetheless.

I’m not sorry one bit that we got a puppy.  But it certainly does change things up.  The snatches of time I used to spend in front of the computer are now spent walking a cute little fur ball. 

During the day through the end of May, it’s just me and her.  I’d like to say she helps me with my house cleaning, grass mowing, laundry folding, garden planting, store running and taxi-driving.  Oh how I would like that!

She is good. 

But she’s not that good!  And as a result, blogging has simply gotten neglected.  I’m SO glad the boys still enjoy taking her out when they get home from school.   


Because, otherwise, we’d be eating cereal and sandwiches for dinner for the rest of this puppy-training-season.

Good Greta

Where practical, (or necessary because of how long we’ll be gone), we take Greta with us.  She snoozes away on the floor of the van, or shotgun in the car if the back seat is full of boys--like she’s already a pro at the lazy-dog thing.  She totally cracks me up at how well she travels.

little travel partner

It’s really a first for me.  Since all my other dogs have been big babies about riding in a car, I’m used to constant whining, cleaning up vomit, and having to get “sleepy time” pills from the vet to help them through it. 

This is nice!

Now I just need to find a place we can get away for a day or two on vacation--that allows pets.  My husband’s vacation will be here before we know it and he really needs a break.  Since the time will coincide with the vacation of the neighbors we usually swap animal-sitting with, I will need to be able to take Greta with us. 

Any ideas??  I’d like to stay within a day of central Indiana.  If it’s cool weather, we could always go camping.  But we’re all kind of babies about sleeping in a tent if the weather is hot.  So we can’t count on that. 

Do any of you take your pet on getaways?  I’d love some advice!

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in the coop said...

We've never traveled with a dog, so I'm not much help there. I love the photo of your youngest (I think) holding the puppy. If you aren't posting, at least you are getting some fresh air and enjoying the puppy!