Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Hiking: McCormick’s Creek State Park

The other day, a friend invited me to go walking with her at McCormick’s Creek State Park.  It was absolutely perfect weather!

In spite of living so close, I’ve only been there a handful of times.  We really need to enjoy this park more often!

McCormick's Creek State Park 1

This was walking along the Wolf Cave trail.  Look at the moss on the path!  I wish the picture did it more justice.  It was so bright!  And there was a green sheen over the entire path—not just the edges.  And slippery!  You wouldn’t believe how slippery!

McCormick's Creek State Park 2

This pretty little spot is just one of the places we stopped to let my friend’s two dogs play in the water.  They had their eye on a squirrel, though.   And I’m pretty sure they would much rather have taken a romp through those woods!  Lol!

McCormick's Creek State Park 3

We saw this tree along the path.  My friend told me she has a picture of her husband standing inside the trunk with his head showing through the hole.  All I could think about were how many webs and spiders might lurk inside.  Sorry, guys.  You couldn’t PAY me to put my head up in that tree!  Lol!

Speaking of spiders.  My oldest son called the middle man into his room last night to see a whopper spider on the wall.  (I stayed clear, of course). 

But I heard all kinds of laughing in there.  Apparently, they knocked it down behind his bed and lost it.  LOST it!!  How can you lose a man-eating spider behind your bed and LAUGH?????    And it didn’t bother him to craw into said bed 5 minutes later and fall fast asleep?!!!! 

I closed his door and just barely refrained from jamming a towel at the base of it.  Lol! 


So what have you been doing to enjoy the weather?


Mari said...

What a beautiful place for a walk! As for spiders - I'm not a fan either.

in the coop said...

It has been too long since I have taken the kids there. It is a great park. Thanks for the reminder.
And I'm with you on the spiders!