Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Name-That-Critter Contest!

For more than a week (just ask my muscles), we’ve been raking out flower beds and releasing spring blooms from their winter blanket of leaves.  Although I have been enjoying the early spring, the critters I’ve uncovered are less than thrilled!  Lol!

Which brings me to my contest! There is absolutely no prize for this.  Just the satisfaction of knowing more than me!! :)

Since I had my cell phone on my hip, (and didn’t lose it in the leaves, Yay!) I was able to photograph some of the sleepy critters I found.

First you have to find them!  Then, see if you can name them!  See how many you know!  Keep in mind we live in Indiana.



2.  This one is really different!


3.  Bet you can’t find the next one!  Lol!


4.  Or this one!


5. This one was the hardest for my boys to find.

brown frog

6.  For the last picture, I didn’t see the critter, but I saw what it left behind in the tall grass.  I have a pretty good idea what he looked like, though!  :)


What??  You don’t see it?  Look down into the grass.

black egg

That’s a mighty large egg!!  Lol!

Hope you find some sunshine today!

What?  Did you think I would list the names of all these critters at the bottom for you?  The best I would be able to do is…cold salamander, strange frog, big beetle, etc.!  I wasn’t kidding when I said you would know more than me if you could name them!!


Mari said...

Lots of starnge critters come out when it warms up!

in the coop said...

No official names from me. I lose.
I am astounded that you found a salamander. I have lived in Indiana (and not too far from you from what I can tell) but have never seen one of these. So cool.

My oldest just came in and named the stag beetle. And he found the frog these old eyes couldn't see.

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

Um I'm just going to go down in the books as saying I don't know more than you and leave it at that. LOL!
Love the pictures though. That slimy looking thing looks like a fun guy. LOL!