Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anyone Want To Get Married?

As I was cleaning out his closet, my little guy discovered an old set of dress clothes.  You’d have thought he found gold as he ripped them off the hanger. 

“Awe man, I’ve always wanted a tie!!”

He riffled through his shoes for the dress ones a friend gave him last year.  Then he yanked everything on and dashed to the bathroom.  I trailed behind, suggesting (to no avail) he go look in my mirror, where he could see himself. 

I guess when you are a little boy, floor length mirrors are optional! Lol!

floor length mirror

“Hey mom!  Can someone hurry up and get married so I can wear this and stand there?”  :)

Don’t you love it?  At least he didn’t suggest HE get married! 

Happy Tuesday!!


Christina said...

SO cute!

Mari said...

He looks so cute!

in the coop said...

Awesome photo! If I were getting married again, I would totally invite him so he could stand there. Sweet little thing.