Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Road Trip 2011: Catching Up With Friends!

After college, I joined a Singles Group where I met some wonderful friends.  Including my husband! It is always fun to catch up with those still in the area when we go east.

This time, our visit east coincided with a visit north by friends who now live in Georgia.  So a bunch of us met at a local McDonalds, and in no time at all we were comparing families, telling stories and laughing till the tears ran down our cheeks.  The best kind of visits!

We always pick up where we left off, and it’s almost like no time has passed.

Only, we know it has.

Because at a nearby table sat a bunch of kids that kind of looked like us.  And two of those were teenagers (YIKES!).  This is a cell phone picture of the “weeds” we’re all growing.  :)friends

My three are diagonal from the middle back to the lower right.  The two handsome boys on the ends belong to Mom 2 Boys (my friend who guest posted the other day).  And the sweet little girl in the middle belongs to our friends from Georgia.  She, by the way, did her best to keep the rowdy boys in line.  And when she couldn’t, she joined them!  She’s MY kind of girl!!  It was fun to watch them all renew their own friendships!

Not wanting our visit to end, we migrated to a local park which was all decorated for Christmas.  There, another couple from our old gang joined us and we  wandered through the park laughing and trying to keep track of kids! Favorite tree

The neon blue tree in the middle was my favorite!


The train was cool, too.  :)

Snowman couple

It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and fun!

Is there anything better than reconnecting with good friends??  The only thing I can think of is reconnecting with good friends over ice cream—which we did when we took our party to Friendly’s to finish off the night!

Tomorrow I’ll show you some of my very favorite pictures from our trip to wrap things up. 


Mari said...

What fun! It's so good to see old friends - and their kids!

Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

I love it when you can just pick up where you left off. I have friends like that. Even though you may not see them or talk to them every day, they still know you love them.
Looks like you had a great time!