Friday, January 6, 2012

They Took Charge, And In The Process Changed History.


Guest Post by Mom 2 Boys.

“They’re heroes”. 

That was my immediate thought.  But the men and women of Flight 93 may disagree with me.  See, they only did what they felt they had to do on that September day.  Their plane had been hijacked, and they were hearing about others that had been flown into the Word Trade Center earlier.

If I were on that plane that day, I’m sure I would have been thinking about how I would get off of it alive, so I could kiss my husband and hug my children and go on living my life.  I’m sure I would have gone along with the plan because it seemed to be the best option to live, because I had no other choice. 

I wonder, did those passengers think about the lives they would be saving by keeping that plane from it’s destination?  I don’t know.   I know I wouldn’t have.  I would have been trying to save my own life. 

Yet, those men and women failed in that attempt. The plane they were traveling in slammed into a Pennsylvania field and killed every one of them.  I call them heroes.  Maybe you do too.

If they could talk to us from that fiery grave, they might say, “but we failed.” 

Heroism was thrust upon them.  They didn’t ask for it; they probably would have said, “No, thank you.  Pick someone else to be a hero today.”   Instead, they did what they felt they had to do, because it seemed to be their only option. 

But really, isn’t that what makes someone a hero?  They didn't sit back and let something happen to them.  They took charge, and in the process changed history.

About Mom 2 Boys 

I was one of those girls who loved all things pink and frilly. My grandparents owned a beach house near the former beach house of the family of Grace Kelly. I became a big fan, and really believed that a girl like me could grow up to become a princess. I married my "prince charming", who didn't come with the official title. We became the parents to two very active boys. Now "pink" is a bit sparse in my life, although I often wear the color and enjoy listening to the pop star. My childhood didn't prepare me for the role of Mom-to-boys, so I'm learning as I go.

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Mom 2 Boys has been a dear friend of mine since college.  We married men from the same singles group, and laughed as God proceeded to bless our families alternately with FIVE boys.  We often joke that we could switch places and neither we nor our kids would know the difference!

I’m not done telling you about our trip.  However, since her thoughts were triggered by my post about the Flight 93 Memorial, I wanted to share them while that was somewhat fresh.  Her honesty in this piece is thought provoking.  I have to agree with her about where my thoughts would have traveled, had I been there that day.  What about you? 

In the end, I believe it was God who graced these people with the courage to do something.  And it was God’s grace which allowed their desperate actions to prevent greater destruction and loss of life.   I agree.  People rarely say, I’m going to be a hero.  Rather, hindsight reveals the difference they made--often by the grace of God.  Or, I guess I should say, always by the grace of God.  Because His grace is always at work, whether we acknowledge it or not.  :)

I’d love to hear your thoughts on what makes a hero!   Has a hero ever touched your life—either directly, or indirectly?

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Kim @ Homesteader's Heart said...

This was great my friend. I often think about the word terrorist. The first of it being terror. That's their goal, to inflict terror on us. There has only been a few times in my life that I have been truly terrified and from what I can remember from the experience is that I probably wasn't thinking straight. The fact that those people held it together to form a plan so quickly is all God. I know that if He called me to act swiftly then He'd give me the power and sound mind to do it.
I really don't think people set out each day expecting to be a hero.
That's all I got right now. Very thought provoking my friend!