Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Things Don’t Change

In 2009 I posted a beautiful poem called “Big Brother” along with this picture.

Caleb and Aaron














The poem talked about how much a little brother looks up to his big brother.


My little eyes are watching

All you say and do

And when I grow up big and tall

I want to be like you

My little ears are listening

To everything you say

I am learning how to grow up

To be like you someday.

So, be careful how you teach me

To be the person that you are.

You're a night in shining armor

You are my shining star.

-Author Unknown

Why am I reposting this? 

A few weeks ago, we took a hike at a local park, and I snapped this grainy picture with my cell phone.  I saved it because of the eyes.  Look at those little eyes, still watching.  Eyes

I think it will always be this way.  No matter what the age.  Big brothers carry a huge amount of responsibility simply because of the birth order God has placed them in.  Fair or not, it’s just the way it is.

I’m super thankful that my little guy has such awesome big brothers to look up to!  Even if those big brothers no longer like having their pictures taken.  :)

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Mari said...

It's so true! I love both pictures - they really tell the story.