Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Panning For Gold

My fourteen year old son would rather I didn’t hug him in public .  In fact, if I forget and reach for him, he’ll duck or wiggle or otherwise slink just out of reach (sniff, sniff). 

He’s at the age where independence is in, family affection is out, and mom and dad are mostly clueless. 

So, when he makes that rare (albeit unintentional) comment,  which reveals some facet of appreciation, it totally shocks my socks off makes my day!   

One such comment came last week.   We were discussing the dangers of posting personal information on facebook. 

He said to me, “Mom, some people are stupid.  They don’t think like you.” 

Did you catch that?  Not the part where he called people stupid.  But the part where I think he implied that I’m not one of them. 

Be still my heart. 

Savor the moment.  

File that comment!

Then it happened again the other day as the east coast prepared for Hurricane Irene.  We were saying how great it was that his uncle would be staying with Mom-Mom during the storm.  Her area would be hit hard.

Thinking out loud, my son said, “Yeah, that is good.  If my mom was alone, and a hurricane was coming, I’d come and stay with her, too.” 

Awwe, really?  Seriously?  Does anybody have a tissue?  What a sweet thing to say!

I think he forgot he was talking to me, his mom.  Lol!

But finders keepers!  Once those little gold nuggets leave his mouth, they’re mine to keep and tuck in my heart.  :) 

I’m proud of the young man my son is becoming.  I probably don’t say it nearly enough. 

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Mari said...

Awww - I love when those kind of things come out. You are doing good Mom!